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The Gallery of Shelveys

Go on, if you're a Shelvey, send me a picture of yourself for the gallery. Or perhaps you have a picture of one of your ancestors?

Here's one of me, Rob Shelvey, from Sandwich, Kent, England.

And this is David Robert Shelvey from Tacoma, WA, USA.
(Dave is the one on the right ;-)

Below is a picture of Elizabeth Sarah Shelvey (b.???) and William James Austen (b.1849) on their 50th wedding anniversary.
Sent by Brian Austin - Click here to see Austin name website.

Below is Mary Shelvey (Davis) with Maureen and Ron Shelvey
(My Great Grandmother with my Aunty and Uncle)

Here is picture of Darren Shelvey from Ottawa, Canada.

This is an old photo of Alice Jane Shelvey (1859-1920) that must have been taken around 1880 in Crawford County, PA, USA. She married Leon C. Nageotte. and they had 6 children.
Photo and info supplied by Doug Mehan. This lady is the Great Grandmother of Doug's Wife.

Patrick Shelvey, Probably taken between 1850-1860 in Elk County, PA.. - Photo and info supplied by Doug Mehan.
Picture Below is of Larry Shelvey. Larry lives in Honolulu, HI but is originally from Lowell, Massachusetts.
Below: Martin John Shelvey b1937 with his Grandfather John Shelvey b1885
Provided by Martin John Shelvey.
Below: John Shelvey b1885 with Herbert Alfred John Shelvey
Provided by Martin John Shelvey

Below: Wedding of Florence Gertrude Shelvey on 29th August 1936.
Florence's Father William Shelvey is standing to the right of her.
Williams wife Sarah Long is not in the photo as she stayed home to prepare the wedding meal.
Provided by Diana Cole.

Below: Constable James Shelvey Cox, No 1 in the Deal Borough Force, which was in being from 1856 to 1889. In April of that year it was absorbed into the Kent Couny Police.

Picture and information sourced from "The Deal Scene 1887-1977"

Below: William Noel Shelvey, who was killed at high woods in the battle of the Somme.
He died on the 15th July 1916

Provided by Diana Cole.

Below: Sarah Jane Shelvey nee Long.
She had a wonderful way with animals, note the jackdaw on her shoulder!

Provided by Diana Cole.

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