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History, Theories & Facts

If you have any historical information, theories of where the name originates or facts regarding the name Shelvey please email me


Shelvey's Mineral Water Manufactury

The first fishmonger to use a fridge!

Shelvey's Bakery

Old Newspaper Articles Referencing Shelveys

The Shelvey Coat of Arms

Theories & Stories

Wesley Hollier Wright and Ada Emily Louise Shelvey Family Stories.

Does the name Shelvey have anything to do with the name Shelving?

Were the Shelveys of Kent involved in smuggling Alcohol?

Who was Gevas Shelvy, now buried in St Clements Church, Sandwich, Kent?

Possible origins of the name Shelvey


Click here to See what Shelveys look like, send me your picture.

Surname DB - A short article on the possible origins of the Shelvey name.
Link kindly provided by David R Shelvey.

Forebears - Shelvey Surname Meaning and Surname Distribution Site.

Only Fools & Horsepower - The Fastest Shelvey on Water.

The Fastest Shelvey on Two Wheels.

Click on picture above to visit Dave Shelvey's Racing site

Click here to take a virtual tour around Sandwich, Kent, UK.

(The above link takes you to a great site run by a friend of mine. It has many VR 3D images of Sandwich and other parts of Kent, so you can explore a place where many Shelveys have walked).

How Popular is the name Shelvey?

According to the 1990 US Census the surname Shelvey is the Thirty Four Thousandth Seven Hundred and Twenty First most popular name in the United States (copied from

Places called Shelvey

Shelvey, Elk County, Pennsylvania, United States.
SHELVEY SUMMIT is located on Route 948 about three miles outside of Kersey going toward Ridgeway. It was named for an Irish immigrant named Shelvey who had a farm in the area. My great grandmother, Bessie (Moyer) Copella used to talk of teaching school in Shelvey Summit. There is a ski run somewhere in the area, and Mervyn Kemmerer has a large farm here. There are no stores, but plenty of dwellings today. (By Sherry Jesberger, copied from

Map below extracted from Microsoft MapPoint

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